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Minstrels Poets & Vagabonds | Foreword by Mick Box (Uriah Heep)

I am very proud to be asked by Robbie to write the foreword in his new book Minstrels, Poets and Vagabonds! I have known Robbie for many a year. We first met when Uriah Heep were playing at the Maryland Club in Glasgow in 1970. He is a great guy and has made himself a big part of the music scene in Scotland being a manager of bands and club owner, promoter, dj and the like. His enthusiasm is immense for anything music and I know you will agree with me that this shines through in this book.

We became friends to the point that when he and Carole had a baby boy they named him after Lee Kerslake (Heep's drummer for many years) and myself calling him Lee Michael. This friendship extended through the entire Heep crew including our Lighting Engineer Del Roll after whose wife they named their little girl Cheryl. Robbie has written the story from the viewpoint of his life entwined with the Glasgow music scene as he knows it and has lived it.

He is in this regard somewhat of a historian on the Glasgow Rock scene and has many an interesting tale to be told. There are some fabulous pictures of every line up with Heep from 1973-1991 capturing each moment as it happened.

As for Uriah Heep, Glasgow was always and still remains a very special place for us to play as Glaswegians are just as passionate about their rock music as we are about playing it. Our shows in Glasgow were the Maryland, Picasso, Electric Gardens, Strathclyde University, the QM, the Barrowland’s and lately the Garage but it is our nine shows at the Apollo (one when it was still called Greens) that were truly magical and seeing the balcony bouncing up and down when we were on stage was unbelievable. Such was the excitement of each show. I hope you enjoy this book as much as I did and many thanks to Robbie who has lived through it all and put it all into words and pictures for everyone to enjoy!

‘Appy days!

Mick Box October 2009.

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