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John Miles wrote "Music was my first love" sorry John I may have to take issue with your title, for me it was a very close second! Nothing beats playing and scoring for club and country.

When I say a close second believe you me, I mean it, I remember in my early teens going to see live bands such as Johnny and the Self Abusers (Simple Minds) in the Muscular Arms, other venues I would frequent, the old lady herself The Apollo, King Tuts, The Garage watching such bands as The Clash, Killing Joke, Devo and Brotherhood of Man (joking). The Barrowlands became an annual event going to see Stiff Little Fingers nothing could beat the buzz of going into Glasgow to see a live band (apart from the goal scoring thing I mentioned earlier).

I have known Robert for 22 years. It was through our mutual love of music that brought us together, Robert would invite sports and music personalities to his legendary 60s charity nights in the late 80s at the Bruce Hotel in my home town of East Kilbride. I am delighted to write this testimonial for such a fine historical book and download’s and although there's a few grey hairs now your enthusiasm has never been questioned.

Keep Rock'n Robert.

Ally McCoist (MBE) OCTOBER 2009

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